What is the setting of S. E. Hinton's Tex?

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Heralded as her best novel, S. E. Hinton's Tex is set in a small town in Oklahoma sometime during the late 1970s and early 1980s.  With a repression covering the country in the mid-1970s, many farming communities were threatened economically.  In fact, record numbers of families filed for bankruptcy during this period. Because of not having enough money, Tex's brother Mason has sold both his horse and Tex's beloved horse Negrito, an act which causes much contention between the brothers.

In Hinton's novel, also, Jamie, the girlfriend of Tex, speaks often of "Women's Lib," a movement begun in the 1970s as women fought gender discrimination in the workplace.  Organizations fought for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and they fought against sexual harrassment on the job site.  When Tex wants to go too far with Jamie, she refuses because she, like Mason, wants to leave the small town and make a better future for herself.  Such thinking is reflective of this Women's Rights movement of the setting.