What would be the difference between George and Lennie between from the other guys on the ranch?

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I think that the most dominant difference between George and Lennie from their other workers is that they do look out for one another.  In a setting where there is so much in way of individuality and a sense of isolation, it is evident to everyone that George and Lennie are different in that they work for one another, are loyal to one another, and represent what solidarity looks like in a setting where it is absent.  Nearly every character in the novel remarks on how George and Lennie are different because they look out for one another.  This is something that is evident throughout the narrative and makes them fundamentally different than the others who are on the ranch.  While George might want to do what the other guys do, he also recognizes clearly that he has a responsibility to Lennie.  While Lennie might want to play with his pup or other animals, he understands that he must always do what George demands.  In this, both of them are different from the others on the farm because they are able to clearly identify what makes them different is their friendship and loyalty, something that is demonstrated all the way to the end of the work.