What is the set of four quantum numbers for last electron of aluminum and beryllium?

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Quantum numbers are theoretical expressions representing certain quantum mechanical properties of sub-atomic particles, atoms, or molecules. 

In atoms and electrons, quantum numbers are used to describe the orbitals in atoms, mathematical representations of the likelihood of finding electrons in a given space. There are four quantum numbers:

  • Principal quantum number (n) - is generally related to the size of the orbital, or the distance of the electron from the nucleus. This also correspond to the energy level. Allowed values from n are 1, 2, 3, ... and where an increasing number of n refer to an increasing size or distance.
  • Angular quantum number (l) - describes the shape of the orbital. Orbitals can be spherical (s), can contain two lobes with a node in the middle (p), or four equally-spaced lobes with a node in the center (d), among others. These shapes correspond to a number:...

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