What is service blueprint? Provide the  service blueprint for bank's treasury operations.  

krishna-agrawala | Student

A service blueprint is a graphical or visual representation of the process involved in providing a service. The purpose of service blueprint is to provide a clear and objective understanding of the service process to all the people involved in providing the service. It is also a useful tool for examining the effectiveness of existing service processes and designing new or improved service processes.

a service blueprint displays in one document various aspects of service such as sequence of operations performed by different service providers, the points of customer contacts, the roles of customers and employees, and the visual elements of service.

A typical service blueprint separates the the total service operations in four categories of customer actions, onstage contact employees actions, back stage contact employees actions, and support actions. In addition it also list the elements of physical evidence to which the customer is subjected.

This Question and answer section does not provide facility to give diagrams in the answers, therefore it is not possible to provide a service blueprint for any service. I am only listing here some of the operations which may be included in a banks treasury operations

  • Foreign exchange operations like buying and selling of foreign exchange.
  • Money markets like placements.
  • Investment in debt securities such as treasury bills and bonds.
  • Investment in repositories.

Please note the range of treasury operations and the way these are performed differ from bank to bank. Therefore while drawing a service blueprint of treasury operations it will be necessary to ascertain the exact nature of the operations followed in the concerned bank.

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