What is the sequence of "A Worn Path"?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A basic summary of this short story will help you to identify the main elements of the sequence. The story begins on a cold winter day by introducing Phoenix Jackson, an elderly African-American woman who is depicted as being as old as time itself. She is walking from her home in the countryside to the city of Natchez. As she goes on her journey, she encounters many obstacles that she has to surpass to continue on her journey. Firstly, she has to battle through natural obstacles, such as bushes and thorns. Then, she comes upon a scarecrow and a dog, and also encounters a hunter who both helps her but also threatens her with his gun. When she finally reaches Natchez, she goes to a doctor's surgery only to be patronised by the receptionist. It is then that we are told the reason for this trip. Every year, Phoenix Jackson makes this journey so that she can obtain medicine for her grandson, who is seriously ill. This is a journey that Phoenix has made every year and will continue to make every year as long as she is alive, for the worn path is "the worn path" of love.