What are the sequence of events in Part 2, "The Sieve and the Sand" of Ray Bradbury's "Farenheit 451"?

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Montag reads the books he's taken from homes despite his wife's argument against doing so.  He decides he needs someone to help him understand more of what he's reading, so he goes to see a man named Faber whom he once had seen with what Montag figured was a book.  On his way to see Faber, Montag tries to memorize a book of the Bible but can't because a commercial jingle keeps going through his head.  Once at Faber's, Faber is naturally suspicious of Montag, but Montag eventually convinces Faber to help him save books through a quickly devised plan.  Faber gives Montag a two-way earpiece so that Faber can talk to Montag and Montag can talk with him. When he arrives at his house, Montag reads aloud to his wife's two friends.  Montag then leaves his house and goes to the firestation.  An alarm goes off and the fire truck, with Montag on it, goes to Montag's house,

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