To what sequence of events does Rachel Carson attribute this problem in her book Silent Spring? Is the bald eagle still in danger of exinction?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Carson's largest claim in Silent Spring is the idea that there is an ecological balance within the natural world.  This balances rests with the food chain and a web of life where different organisms exist and intertwined within one another for survival and protection of the ecosystem.  Carson's depiction of mutual dependence is threatened by economic and human made progress that, while seeking to make life better, actually threatens this ecological balance.  The use of pesticides to eliminate insects disrupts this balance as it acts in isolation, not acknowledging the dependence present.  When DDT eliminates insects in a blanket manner, it hurts other organisms that ether depend on the insects for nourishment and overpopulates the microorganisms whose population would have been checked had the insects been present.  Carson advocates the idea that natural solutions can be integrated into the environment that are not so totalizing.  For example, natural enemies of pests can be introduced into an environment to eliminate such insects.  This type of sequence of events that stresses interdependence and examining problems and concerns within this scope is of critical importance to Silent Spring.

The bald eagle was recently removed from the endangered species list after being placed on it for about thirty years.  Please examine the CNN link below.