What are the sentiments of love in "The Storm" by Kate Chopin?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The sentiments of love are examined in a unique and different perspective in Chopin's work.  Love's sentiments are shown to be able to coexist, living on different planes and not colliding with one another.  For example, Calixta can possess a sentiment of passionate love for Alcee and yet display the nurturing notion of love for Bobinot.  At the same time, Alcee holds an intensity for Calixta, but a sentiment of earnest and authentic self- sacrificial devotion to Clarisse, who, for her part, holds both a sentiment of loyalty to Alcee but an equal passion for her own sense of freedom.  In this dynamic, one sees how the sentiments of love are varied and can exist on different planes for the different characters.  Chopin has displayed how love can resemble different realities and that the complex dimenisons of it transcend simplistic reductive means.  For example, the sentiments that Calixta feels for Alcee do not tradeoff with what she feels for Bobinot.  In this, there is a discussion of the sentiments of love that reflect intricacy and a sense that love can exist in different ways through different sentiments and not detract from one another.