What is the sentence that Defarge and his compatriots give after hearing the fate of the Marquis’s killer?  

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Charles Dickens’s novel "A Tale of Two Cities" takes place in London and Paris before and while the French Revolution is occurring The Marquis is a cruel man who likes to be able to have control over people.  He hands out sentences with injustice and no concern for others.  The book addresses class distinction and the cruel inappropriate punishments that were handed out during the era. 

The Defarge’s own a wine shop and lead a band of revolutionaries secretly.  The Marquie kills an immigrant man's child and tosses a coin to cover the loss.  Defarge tosses the coin back into the Marquis' coach which makes the Marquis very angry.

Gaspard goes to the Marquis château and kills him.  Defarge and his compatriots learn who killed the Marquis and that the man had been arrested and killed.  He and his compatriots then order that all of the Marquis family shall be put to death.




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