What sensory details are used to emphasize each of the five senses, and how do these details add to the story?

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One of Bradbury's strengths as a writer is his ability to use images to convey a mood while also setting a scene.

Some examples of sensory details in the story are as follows: We get a visual sense of the African veldt the children watch obsessively through the description of the yellow sun beating down and the lion's yellow fur, which is compared to a French tapestry. The dust the Hadley parents can see on the veldt smells like paprika, and the view screen also sends out scents of cool water, lion grass, and the "rusty" smell of animals. Sounds include the "thump" of antelope feet in the distance and the "papery rustling" of vultures. Touch sensations are the sense of the heat radiating from the sun and the veldt, seemingly baking everything and causing Mr. Hadley to perspire.

As for taste, the meat...

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