Using direct quotes, how might it be said that Othello is responsible for his own downfall?

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I think that Othello should bear some of the responsibility for his predicament. As a soldier, I don't think he would have it any other way. Yet, having said this, it might not be entirely accurate to place the entirety of blame at his feet. Iago is the agent of action and must be seen as the cause of human suffering in the drama. To avoid assigning blame to Iago almost fulfills more of what he would have wanted. In the end, we can see that Othello made terrible mistakes that were not intentionally cruel. They amounted to unintentional cruelty, and thus he is responsible in this regard. However, when looking at someone who is deliberately cruel and thereby must assume a greater level of responsibility for what happens, Iago becomes the agent of action.

Othello is to blame for his downfall because of his insecurity. Othello's inability to control his own sense of doubt and uncertainty are the elements that cause his downfall. This condition results in because of both external and...

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