Semi Fowlers

What is the Semi-Fowler's position, and how does it help patients?
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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most patients are limited to movements so they need to be guided in order to meet their needs. Semi Fowler's method is a standard position in medical methods for patients. With this position, the patients on their lying position are inclined, raising the head 25-40 cm away from the bed. The hips are flexed to support the entire body. 

This position is commonly used for patients being administered with drugs or tube feeding. When positioned in this method, the fluid is allowed to flow in the abdominal cavity and be collected in the pelvic region. If the patient is lying down without the tube feeding can run into the lungs that can create complications by drowning the lungs and preventing the air flow. 

eli468 | Student

Semi-Fowler's position is where the head of the bed is elevated 30 degrees for the patient. 

This position helps patients with," cardiac, respiratory, or neurological problems and is often optimal for patients who have a nasogastric tube in place." 

This position helps to take away pressure off of certain nerves or to allow gravity to help with problems such as breathing and blood flow. Laying down can make it harder to breath, so semi-fowler's position can be used for those with respiratory problems because air can go in and out easier. It is good for cardiac problems too because it puts less pressure on the heart trying to go against blood flow while lying down. By sitting up gravity can help make blood flow more easily through the body. 

Semi-fowler's position can also have another 30 degree angle for the upper legs 
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