What seem to be some of Alexander Pope's main concerns in the epigrams of "An Essay on Criticism"?

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An epigram is a short statement similar to making a point in prose, but it is used specifically in verse.

An epigram is a brief, clever, and usually memorable statement.

Although it was Greek in nature, and became its own genre in the Hellenistic period, it is a form adopted by many authors over time to make a point, but in poetic form.

These original epigrams did the same job as a short prose text might have done, but in verse.

Alexander Pope was well know for using epigrams in his verse. Pope make use of this device in "An Essay on Man," and "An Essay on Criticism."

"An Essay on Criticism" is directed not to the reader, but to the would-be critic.

It is written in a type of rhyming verse...

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