What seems to be Othello's primary motivation?

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This is an interesting question since it would seem that Othello has everything he could ever possibly want: good social standing (for a foreigner to Venetian society at any rate), a successful military career, and a beautiful, loving wife. However, Othello is largely motivated by jealousy and is easily swayed into believing his wife has been unfaithful to him. But why is he so easily jealous, aside from the fact that he is an older man with a much younger wife who might seek younger men's company? It all has to do with his status as an Other in Venetian society.

Though loyal to the state and the Christian religion, Othello is a Moor and therefore always viewed as suspect. He has had to claw his way to respect and even after getting all of that and more, he still has people calling him racist slurs and doubting that an honest white woman like Desdemona could love him for his personal qualities (they assume he used sorcery to seduce her). For him, it might not be so out there to believe...

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