What secret does Linda reveal to Biff as a last resort to win his sympathy for Willy?

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Linda reveals to Biff that Willy is trying to kill himself. Stunned and appalled, Biff asks, "How?" Linda reminds her son of the many car accidents Willy has had.

Linda: Remember I wrote you that he smashed up the car again? In February?

Biff: Well?

Linda: The insurance inspector came. he said that they have evidence. That all these accidents in the last year --weren't--weren't--accidents...She says he came to that little bridge, and then deliberately smashed into the railing, and it was only the shallowness of the water that saved him.

Biff is not convinced. Linda tells him of her gruesome discovery in the basement, a "length of rubber pipe." Apparently Willy had been inhaling fumes in order to asphyxiate himself.

Finally, Biff realizes the gravity of the situation. He agrees to stay home for awhile.

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