What secret code is spoken in Number the Stars? Name all of the secret code statements, questions, or exclamations. 

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When Annemarie overhears a conversation between her father and her Uncle Henryk over the telephone, she hears many points of the conversation that, initially, don't seem to make any sense. For example, her father tells Henryk that he is sending a carton of cigarettes. This seemed unlikely, as cigarettes were largely unavailable in World War II. Annemarie is soon able to surmise that the "carton of cigarettes" simply referred to Ellen and her family. This makes Annemarie's father's statement that there were still plenty of cigarettes in Copenhagen make more sense, as his meaning was that there were more Jewish people hiding there.

Annemarie's father also uses a phrase about the weather being "good for fishing." This simply refers to the current risk and safety in moving Jewish people by using Henryk's boat.

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Shortly before Annemarie, Ellen, her sister, and her mother left for Uncle Henrik's farm, she heard her father on the telephone.  He was talking to Uncle Henrik, but their conversation seemed strange.  

First, her father asked Uncle Henrik if the weather was "good for fishing."  After listening for Uncle Henrik's response on the other end of the line, her father stated that the rest of his family would be visiting.  He also mentioned that they would be bringing "a carton of cigarettes" to him.  He said that there were a lot of cigarettes in Copenhagen.  Annemarie found this odd, because cigarettes were almost never available since the war started.  Referring again to the cigarettes, her father added to Uncle Henrik that "'there [would] be others coming to you as well.'"  

Annemarie was suspicious of this strange conversation.  Then she realized that her father was speaking in code.  He was really talking about Ellen.  Ellen was the cigarette.

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