What is the second major event in the book The Giver?  

Expert Answers
mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a couple different events that could be considered "main events" at the beginning of the book.

- Jonas's father brings home baby Gabriel, an infant from the Nurturing Center who "wasn't doing well."

- Jonas watches an apple that is being tossed into the air.  Before his eyes, the apple changes.  He sees a flash of color.  In his community, there are no colors.

- Jonas shares his dream of wanting to bathe his friend, Fiona, naked.  His mother then informs him that his strange new feelings toward his friend are the "stirrings."  He starts taking medication to suppress these feelings.

Because Gabriel is a main character in the story, the event of bringing him home is important.  The entrance of Gabriel in the family's home is the first main event.

The second main event is debatable.  While it is a pivotal occurrence in Jonas's life, the scene with the apple is extremely brief.  If you do not consider this to be an event, then Jonas's dream about Fiona and him having to be medicated for the "stirrings" would be another important event.