What does Scout do that impresses Aunt Alexandra?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Throughout the majority of the novel, Scout has a difficult relationship with her aunt, and the two continually antagonize each another. However, Scout attempts to impress her aunt by dressing up as a Southern belle and participating in the missionary circle with the other local ladies.

Scout, who is a natural tomboy, absolutely hates wearing dresses and participating in social events but does so in chapter 24 to impress her aunt. At the beginning of the chapter, Scout waits patiently in the kitchen and asks Calpurnia if she can help in any way. Calpurnia then allows Scout to carry in a rather heavy silver coffee pitcher on a tray into the living room, where the ladies are having casual conversations. When Scout brings the coffee pitcher in on the tray, she mentions,

My journey was successful: Aunt Alexandra smiled brilliantly (Lee, 233).

Overall, Scout impresses her aunt by wearing a dress and participating in her missionary circle with the other local ladies.

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