Are there scientific explanations for the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?

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besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There was a researcher named Larry Kusche from the University of Arizona who wrote a book named Bermuda Triangle: Mystery Solved. Through his extensive research he found that most of the things that supposedly happened with in the Bermuda Triangle actually happened in other parts of the ocean. He also found that the majority of accidents that did happen in the Bermuda Triangle occurred due to bad weather conditions.

Here are some reasons why there are many accidents that do occur in this area:

  1. The Bermuda Triangle experiences many thunderstorms, water spouts, and hurricanes that can be very dangerous to boats, ships, and airplanes.
  2. Research has proven that rogue waves, reaching 80 feet or higher, occur in this area because it is so open.
  3. The Bermuda Triangle is very large-approxiamtely 440,000 miles of open sea.


pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As far as I know, the scientific explanation for the Bermuda Triangle is that there is no such thing.  The scientific explanation is that airplanes and ships vanish over the ocean relatively frequently and that there is nothing that shows that the Bermuda Triangle has any more than its fair share of such incidents.

Most of the alleged incidents were from long ago when technology was much worse than it is now and it was easier for planes and ships to disappear without a trace.  In addition, some of the incidents that were supposedly caused by the triangle did not occur or did not occur in that area.

So it's really just a folk legend with no real basis.

dwaters1 | Student

The Bermuda Triangle continues to be a magnet for questions for believers and non-believers alike.  I agree that while there is no scientific "proof" that the triangle caused planes, people, and ships there are a number of theories.

One is that the area is known for very unpredictable weather.  Sudden and fierce storms are common there as well as weather conditions that cause water spouts.  These are so powerful that they would destroy anything in the air or on the waters surface.  Any wreckage would quickly be washed away by the Gulf Stream currents.  Alternatively, if a ship sank just a few miles from the coast of the US, it would sink in more than 5,000 feet of water making it almost impossible to find.

The triangle is also one of 2 places on Earth where a compass points to true north rather than magnetic north.  This makes it difficult for some navigators to know where they really are.  This loss of compass heading was experienced by the space shuttle when flying over this area.

There are many more bizarre theories which you can research if you like but scientific proof...not there!




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