What are the scientific concepts used in Silent Spring by Rachel Carson?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson was a landmark book in this history of popular science, written for a lay audience not just as a way to present scientific fact but as a call to action to ban the use of DDT. The book was successful in its goal, and transformed our understanding of how humans can destroy the natural environment. The book is also important in another way, in that it was a pioneering example of interdisciplinary research, synthesizing biology, medicine, epidemiology, and the nascent science of ecology to look at humans and the natural world as a complex and interconnected system. 

Carson in Silent Spring melds stunningly poetic metaphors, such as the eerie quiet of the hypothetical town in which there is no dawn chorus of birds, with meticulous empirical details concerning the extent of pesticide spraying. She analyzes cellular biology to show how it is disrupted by DDT, a form of biological process, to statistical analysis of bird populations.