What are the scientific concepts discussed in Silent Spring?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Carson's work serves as one of the landmarks of ecology and ecological awareness.  I would say that this becomes one of the most profound scientific concepts that is evident in Carson's work.  Carson presents the case for ecological awareness in a manner that stresses the "biotic" nature of consciousness.  I think that this becomes one of the most pressing scientific concerns in the book.  It was radical for its time, and is something that we now take for granted.  Scientific interconnectedness in understanding the role of organisms on the planet is something that Carson stresses and does so in a very intricate manner.  Her descriptions and how the use of pesticides go against this process is rooted in scientific analysis and inquiry.  I think that this is a highly scientific concept.  In the process, Carson brings out one of the first works that deals with environmentalism and ecological awareness in the midst of a heavily consumerist social order that failed to understand the implications of a human centered approach to the environment.  In doing so, Carson's work becomes a scientific treatise or landmark statement about the practice of ecology.