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Science is a field that seeks to add to an already existing body of knowledge.  Since antiquity, the two words "science" and "philosophy" have been used interchangably, almost meaning the same thing.  The knowledge of how and why things worked the way they did was massed together and taught by teachers in ancient schools.  This body of knowledge was adjusted as time went on, such as the notion that the Earth was flat.  One should understand that science is not a perfect art, it seeks answers to new problems based on the body of existing knowledge at the time.  When I first started teaching, telephones, for example, were largely land-line type phones.  If you had told me back then, the norm in 30 years would be everyone would be able to carry a telephone in their pocket and make calls away from their houses and businesses, I would have thought you a little on the crazy side.  But today, cell phones are pretty much the norm and land lines are going the way of the dinosaur.

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