What school does Malala go to in I Am Malala?

Malala attends Khushal School in Pakistan, which was founded by her father. In the aftermath of being shot on the school bus, she is relocated to the United Kingdom, where, after her recovery, she continues her education at a school in Birmingham.

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On the fateful day "when everything changed," Malala was in attendance at Khushal School, which had been founded years earlier by her father. Malala describes herself as a "bookish" girl, which tells us right from the outset that she is committed to her education. Malala explains that due to the Taliban's disapproval of girls being educated, the school has no sign on the road, and there is no indication from the outside that the doorway was, for these girls, "like a magical entrance to [their] own special world."

All this changes when Malala is shot by a member of the Taliban on the school bus. She is flown to Birmingham in England to be treated and recuperate. In due time, Malala starts attending a school in Birmingham. She notes that while the subjects are largely the same as those that had been covered at Khushal School, the school is far more technologically advanced and offers a wider range of subjects, including computer studies, music, and art. As would be the case with most teenagers thrust into a school in a foreign country, Malala struggles to fit in. Her commitment to education does not waiver, but some of her favorite moments are when she gets to Skype with Moniba back in Pakistan. She remains committed to keeping up with the happenings at Khushal School and mentions that her classmates still keep a seat for her there.

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