What scheme did Trelawney hit upon in Treasure Island?

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Squire Trelawney was one of the leading citizens of the community (and probably the wealthiest). As a close friend of Dr. Livesey, Trelawney was an obvious choice for the doctor to share the Hawkins' information about the treasure map. Despite his wealth, Trelawney was still looking for greater riches, and he saw the map (and possible treasure) as a way to become richer and (nearly as importantly) to embark upon one last adventure. Trelawney proposed that he financially sponsor the voyage--buying and outfitting a ship and hiring a crew and captain. The squire would accompany the ship and supervise the voyage and, hopefully, the discovery of the treasure.

However, Trelawney was a boastful and talkative man and, despite warnings from Dr. Livesey to hold his tongue, soon all of Bristol knew about the intentions of his voyage. He made the unwise decision of hiring Long John Silver, who then handpicked much of the crew from his old band of pirate friends. In the end, Trelawney returned with the gold, but the voyage encountered far more problems than expected because of his loose tongue and gullibility.

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