What are some specific scenes where the purpose of Binx's search is talked about?

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Most of the dialogue surrounding Binx Bolling’s search for meaning in life takes place indirectly through conversations with his cousin, Kate Cutrer, whom he eventually marries. Binx Bolling’s search for purpose beyond the daily routines of life is shared by Kate Cutrer, who is struggling with depression.

After Kate attempts suicide, Binx takes Kate with him to Chicago.

The couple discuss their search for meaning in life and death, their roles in the universe, and the fact that Kate realizes that she has failed to acknowledge to herself that she has lost hope.

Binx also has conversations with his great-aunt Emily about the importance of the lives of people they know and why this matters in the universe.

The reader also learns that Binx’s service in the Korean War and the subsequent bullet wound to his shoulder has impacted him psychologically and contributed to his need to find a purpose to modern life.

These conversations and life events, though, are a step in Binx’s transition. Once he marries his cousin Kate, Binx concludes that one’s purpose is to fulfill personal and psychological desires while recognizing that they may never be satisfied.

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