What scene throughout the novel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas would be described as being foreboding?

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Foreboding is the feeling that something bad will eventually happen. One example of a foreboding scene throughout the novel takes place in Chapter 19 after Bruno has dressed up as a Jew and crawled underneath the fence of the concentration camp. When Bruno walks through the concentration camp, he mentions to Shmuel that he doesn't like it in here. All of a sudden, ten Nazi soldiers surround the area in which Bruno and Shmuel are standing and give them a command to march. A crowd of prisoners gathers and begins to march. Bruno and Shmuel are trapped in the center of the group and collectively move with the other prisoners. As they are marching, Bruno looks up in the sky and notices that clouds are becoming darker. There is also the sound of loud thunder overhead and rains begins to pour down heavily. The weather can be described as being foreboding during this scene. The reader can assume that something terrible is going to happen based on the precarious situation Bruno and Shmuel are in, as well as the ominous stormy weather. The group of prisoners is lead to a gas chamber where Bruno and Shmuel die while they are holding hands.

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