What scene does Nick witness at the Texaco off Rickenbacker Causeway in Breathing Underwater?

At the Texaco off Rickenbacker Causeway, Nick witnesses the scene of Caitlin kissing "Saint" O'Connor. Ten minutes later Nick is in his room, seething with rage at what he's just seen. He hates Saint for getting at him by being with Caitlin.

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Due to his physical abuse of Caitlin, Nick loses the friendship of Tom Carter. Nick and Tom had been friends since they were little kids, but when Tom found out about Nick's appalling treatment of Caitlin, he shunned him and urged others to do likewise.

Even so, Nick still has a friend in the shape of “Saint” Patrick O'Connor, Key Biscayne High's “Neanderthal star quarterback.” Or at least he thinks he does. For when it seems that Saint is having a relationship with Caitlin, Nick is infuriated by what he sees as a betrayal.

Despite everything that's happened, despite getting into trouble with the law for hitting Caitlin, he still can't shake this notion that Caitlin belongs to him, that she's his personal property, and that she's not allowed to go out with other guys.

Nick witnesses the budding relationship between Saint and Caitlin at a Texaco gas station off the Rickenbacker Causeway. He sees them kissing, which makes him wish that he were in Saint's place.

Ten minutes later, Nick is in his room, absolutely out of his mind with fury at what he's just seen. He hates Saint with a passion, believing that his being with Caitlin is just the latest attempt to get to him. However, the problem is with Nick, not Saint. He still can't handle the fact that Caitlin has a life of her own and that she's perfectly entitled to date anyone she pleases.

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