What satricial techniques are used in this slide?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is a technique of juxtaposition employed in the slide.  On one hand, the image of the very well toned and defined man who has smooth skin is set against the idea of consuming McDonald's food for 40 years.  Juxtaposition is seen in that it is evident to nearly everyone that McDonald's health detriments could not result in smoother skin over such a prolonged period of time.  The satire lies in common sense as opposed to corporate image.  The makers of the product want the audience to think that after 40 years of consuming their food, they, too, can look like the man in the picture.  The satire lies in how far from the truth this actually is.

In this, there is a second technique evident.  The presence of the strong and fit figure in the slide is almost a twisted caricature of what would actually happen if one consumed McDonald's food for 40 years.  The caricature technique is evident in that if one consumed McDonald's food for 40 years, it is highly unlikely that they would look like the main the picture.  Both techniques contribute to being able to make a statement about McDonald's through sarcasm and satire.