What satirical techniques are used in this advertisement and what advertisement tactic is being mocked?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Advertisers always promote their products by providing images that create visual scenes for the consumer so that hopefully the consumer will dash to the store and buy the said product. Sometimes advertisers use the product itself; for example, chocolate or the process of making chocolate is used to entice the public. Air fresheners show people having picnics on beautiful sunny days surrounded by mountain streams and pretty flowers (possibly) so the consumer is transported to this heavenly place where it just smells SO good! Job done! This advertisement is mocking that standard and norm.

The advertisement in terms of this image may be honest and may reflect the origin of the particular product but who wants to know that their beloved bacon sandwich started out that way or that there is so much fat (lard) in the pastry of that pie? It will certainly have a negative effect on sales, it would seem.   

Strong words are used such as "100%,....fresh,...quality" indicating connotation but the image defies the words. The pigs, although they are surely healthy pigs, look dirty (as pigs should!) and oh so ugly! The advertisement is ridiculing the consumers' shallow outlook and lack of good judgment when it comes to making sound choices. A person should make a choice based on reasoning and principles. This ad is introducing the reader to his or her flippant, superficial self. Irony is in play as consumers must realise how they actually allow themselves to be drawn in to this cycle. After all the pigs are all the things said - "fresh" etc - but maybe not quite in the way the consumer expected.  There is thus a hint of cynicism in this context.

Advertisers use visual images to persuade, entice and create illusion. Satirical and other techniques combine together to complete the image or illusion. There can be no illusion here!