Analyze the satirical techniques that are used in this photograph.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I sense that the use of caricature is evident in the picture.  The caricatured notion of a "chick magnet" helps to convey the satire in the picture.  The fact that many men think of themselves as someone whom "chicks" would find attractive, when in reality it is far from the truth, helps to enhance the satirical element.  The truth that is illuminated is how alcohol inhibits judgment.  The idea that the man in the photograph would consider himself to be a "chick magnet" is where the satire lies.   The impaired judgment that alcohol causes is another part of the photograph's satire.  For any man who looks like the man in the photograph to automatically assume that because of the alcoholic beverage, they are able to "show the chicks out there how much can be slurped down" is a caricature of both how men view themselves and how alcohol impairs judgment.  It is a satirical view of the reality in alcoholic consumption.

Hyperbole is another satirical technique employed in the photograph.  The "chicks out there" and "how much can be slurped down" are lines that convey an emphasized exaggeration that is intended to heighten the satirical element.  Given the picture that corresponds to this, the reality is vastly different.  The use of hyperbolic language in the picture along with its central image contribute to the use of satire as humor in the photograph.