What is the satiric aspect in the poem,"The Frog and The Nightingale?"

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The satire in the poem might be present in its tone.  The tone of the poem is almost like a fable, a type of rendering that could be expected to be seen in the poetry intended for a child.  The establishment of the scene in the exposition would enhance this.  Additionally, the satire present in the poem's development might lie with how the traditional teacher/ student relationship is inverted to  benefit the former at the cost of the latter.  Traditionally set in literature, the teacher is to help the student.  Seth's sarcasm might reside in how the frog wishes to eliminate the competition by taking the guise of the kindly old teacher who ruins his student.  This is satiric in nature because it constructs a reality that is opposite of traditional depiction and makes the fundamental statement of the poem, as well.  This particular message is at the heart of the poem that one should not trust so implicitly others' words in certain contexts.