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Sarah O'Rourke, or Sarah Summers, to use her professional name, is the editor of a glossy fashion magazine called Nixie. The shallowness of the magazine and its articles neatly parallels the surface glitter of an outwardly perfect married life. Though all appears well on the surface, in reality Sarah and Andrew's marriage is on the rocks. Sarah is conducting an extramarital affair, an expression of how profoundly dissatisfied she is with her marriage.

This dissatisfaction seeps in to her professional life, too. Running a fashion magazine is not really what Sarah wants to do with her life; she wants to do more serious journalism. In due course, Sarah summons up the courage to make a career change and quits her magazine job. Leaving behind the superficial tinsel world of Nixie illustrates an important aspect of her personality: a penchant for taking risks. It also illustrates the enormous influence that Little Bee has had upon Sarah, making her want to go out and change the world for the better.

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