What are some sample questions on multiculturalism for a life history research project?

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Multiculturalism refers to the legal or ideological promotion of cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity within one region or state, and life history is defined as a style of research that examines a specific individual's life. There are a lot of approaches to performing life history research regarding multiculturalism, depending on the context. Examples of multiculturalism-related life history research could include:

"How have you seen an increase in diversity and tolerance in society during your lifetime?"

"Did you grow up in an area where ethnic and religious groups coexisted? Do you live in a similar area now?"

"How have you seen conflict and coexistence between groups you belong to and different groups in the same area?"

"Has there ever been a time in your life where you felt excluded due to membership in a group, and if yes, have those circumstances improved for you?"

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