In Like Water for Chocolate, what are sample essay outlines in relation to problems of romantic relationships symbolized through food?

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Unfortunately this site does not have any sample essay outlines for this topic. However, what we can do is talk about this theme and hopefully you will be able to use our pointers to construct your own essay outline and then complete your task.

In this novel, it is clear that food is something that is inextricably intertwined with love and passion. You might want to think about how food and its enjoyment relates to the passionate intensity of characters. For example, both Tita and Gertrudis are characters whose passion and sensuality is shown through their appreciation of food. Even though Tita never acts on her passions and sensuality in the same way that Gertrudis does because of the influence of her mother over her, at the same time their level of passion and sensuality is shown through the way in which they enjoy their food.

This is true for other characters as well. You might find it useful to look into how other characters relate to food and what this says about their ability to love. John Brown, for example, surprisingly feels no jealousy over her clear admiration and love for Pedro. He is entranced by her, but his lack of sensual love seems to be linked to his eating practices. Where he comes from, the food is "bland and didn't appeal." Food therefore becomes a kind of barometer that tells us a lot about the capacity of individuals to love and be loved.

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