What are Saleem Sinai's expectations in Midnight's Children?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that this is a fairly broad question.  Accordingly, there are many ways to answer it.  On one hand, I would suggest that one of Saleem's expectations would be to unify the children of midnight into a collective force.  As Saleem comes of age and begins to understand his uniqueness as well as all of the children born of midnight, he seeks to bring together these children into a collective force that can change India for the best with all of their unique powers.  I would also say that another one of Saleem's expectations would be to live clear of Shiva and not incur his wrath.  On some level, I think that he wishes to succeed more than Shiva, but not so much as a "good vs. evil" element.  I think that the complex and intricate nature of their relationship might transcend the reductive notion present here, but I do feel that one of his expectations is to be able to transcend his adversary.  In the end, many of his expectations are not fully validated.

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