What did Sade and Femi do and where did they live in The Other Side of Truth by Beverly Naidoo?

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The two main characters are Sade and her younger brother Femi, who lived in Nigeria until the death of their mother at the hands of Nigerian officials who had been angered by their father’s latest article. The two children hid on the floor of a car for their uncle Tunde to transport them to the airport where Mrs. Bankole was waiting to travel with them to London. Upon their arrival in London, Mrs. Bankole abandoned them in a café and their uncle Dele, who was supposed to pick them up, failed to show up. Sade then figured out how to get to the college where Dele taught but discovered that Dele had not been seen at his place of work for a couple of days. They fell into the hands of the police and said nothing to them as they were reminded of the brutal police back home. For the first night, Sade and Femi were sheltered in an emergency foster home owned by Mrs. Graham. When questioned by the social workers, the children lied about their second name and denied knowing the identity of the woman who took them to London for fear of getting their father in trouble with the authorities. The children lived with Mrs. Graham for the next few days before eventually being assigned a different foster home under the care of Aunt Gracie and Uncle Roy. Sade and Femi lived with this couple whom they liked and were enrolled in school. In a desperate attempt to help save their father, the two children gave their story to a news reporter who helped get the word out about what was happening and gathered support for their cause. Sade and Femi lived with Aunt Gracie and Uncle Roy until they were re-united with their father, who managed to obtain a temporary visa.

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