What sad scene concludes the epic?

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chickflik999 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The sad scene that concludes this epic is Beowulf's death.  A dragon is threatening the land and he and his men go off to fight it. Beuwolf senses that his time for death is near, and begins reflecting on his life while sitting on the cliffs. He talks about his grandfather and how his grandfather was stricken with sorrow over the death of his oldest son. Beowulf also talks about his ventures in warfare and reflects on his loyalty to his Uncle Hygelac, as well as defeating the champion of the Franks on his own. On this note, Beowulf announces that he will fight the dragon alone.

However, Beowulf is not able to kill the dragon. One of his young warriors named Wiglaf comes to help him and they kill the dragon together. However, Beowulf succumbs to his injuries. Before he dies, he thanks God for his life and asks Wiglaf to take care of the Geats. He also asks that a barrow be built on the cliffs in his memory. The epic ends with the Geats gathering around the barrow and mourning their king, Beuwolf.

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