Examine the sacrifices the main characters make to pursue rewards.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Certainly, Lindo makes many sacrifices to see her daughter enjoy the rewards of her success at chess.  The giving her a separate room, as well as doing what is more than expected in order to encourage her gift and proficiency at chess is where these sacrifices are evident.  At the same time, Waverly sacrifices her time, energies, as well as her ability to have a social life in order to pursue her chess talents.  It is evident between both sets of sacrifices of mother and daughter that success can only be evident in such a setting.  For both characters, their sacrifices are not fully understood by the other.  Lindo does not understand how much her daughter sacrifices in order to be successful at chess.  Waverly certainly does not know how much her mother gives in order for her to be a success at chess.  Both fail to understand the sacrifices made by one another.  Yet, as demonstrated by Waverly in the end of the story, this failure on her part to fully understand the sacrifices made by the mother is where she ends up being challenged significantly.  When Lindo advises that the way to be successful in both chess and America is to keep one's own hand hidden, this becomes evident in the destructive manner in which Waverly loses to her mother.  The sacrifice of the latter subsumes that of the former.

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