What's the summary of the chapter 6 of Boy?

The sixth chapter of Boy sees the end of the Great Mouse Plot. The boys are punished by the headmaster while the ghastly Mrs. Pratchett watches. Roald Dahl's mother, shocked to see the physical abuse her son experiences, confronts the principal and starts making plans to send Dahl to boarding school in England. The chapter sees the end of Dahl's description of his years at Llandaff Cathedral School.

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The sixth chapter of Boy is called "Mrs. Pratchett's Revenge" and follows on the boys being discovered to have planted the dead mouse in one of Mrs. Pratchett's sweet jars.

After being identified as the masterminds behind the Great Mouse Plot, Dahl, Thwaites, and the other friends are all called to the headmaster's office. It is here that they each receive a beating from the headmaster with a thin cane.

Thwaites is first in the row and Dahl last. Dahl emphasizes the brutality of the incident. The horror of the...

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