Where the Lilies Bloom

by Vera Cleaver, Bill Cleaver

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What’s the name of the song sung at the father’s grave in Where the Lilies Bloom?

Expert Answers

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At their father's grave, on page 75, the Luther children don't sing a song, but Mary requests that they each say "the good things in our hearts that we remember about father." In a "lilt" voice, Romney says that before he was ill their father was a happy person and occasionally tough. He says he was proud to have him as his father because he loved all of his children the same and never raised a hand or whip to them. When it's Mary's turn, she says that she can't think of anything to add, and so instead of coming up with her own words, she kneels down and says the Lord's Prayer. After they put him into his grave and cover him with the loose earth and planks that their father had left there for them just before his death, Mary says,

The lord is your shepherd now, Roy Luther. Be happy with Him and don't worry about us.

Mary and Romney agree that they gave their father a proper burial.

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