What's the ending summary in the book Bud, Not Buddy?

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At the end of the book, Bud, Not Buddy the main character, Bud, reveals he is Calloway's grandson.  Calloway responds by locking himself in his room, and crying.  Buddy goes to his room, which turns out to be his mother's own room when she was a girl, and gets a photo of her.  He shows the photo to Mr. Jimmy and Miss Thomas and they agree that the picture is of Angela.

Miss Thomas tells Bud the story of Angela, and how she left suddenly.  She explains that Calloway was very hard on Angela, hoping she would get a college education and become a teacher.  However, he was too hard, and she rebelled instead.  Miss Thomas gives Buddy a picture of his mother, and then goes to check on Calloway.

At that point, the band enters with a gift for Bud, his very own saxophone.  After promising to practice, he goes upstairs to his mother's room to unpack his old saxophone case.  He goes over every item in the case and takes out the things of his mother's he has carried with him.  He takes the bag of flyers and rocks to Calloway, knowing how much the items would mean to him.  He leaves them quietly in Calloway's room, not wanting to disturb his grief.

Back in his mother's old room, he takes the picture of her he's carried around out of its envelope, and thumbtacks it to the wall, among the pictures of horses and ponies.  He thinks the picture belongs there, and is happy to see his mother's picture with the horses and ponies she loved.

The book ends with Bud practicing his saxophone, and looking at the picture of his mother smiling back at him.

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