What's the symbolism behind every one of Boo's gifts to Jem and Scout?

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Boo Radley’s reclusive existence makes it difficult to express and engage with Scout and Jem. Because of this hindrance, Boo attempts to connect with the children through homemade gifts, utilizing found objects, household materials, and personal creations. Although the children and Boo share a difference in age, Boo’s essence is kindred to the children’s due to his stunted nature.

Below is a list of the some of the gifts (both physical and action-based) that Boo gives the children and what each symbolizes:

  • Gum, pennies, and twine: These allow Boo to gain the children’s trust with the children, and they amount to “currency” they can exchange and use.
  • Carved miniatures: Boo can only observe from afar, and these carvings express the admiration he feels toward Scout and Jem in a tangible way.
  • Pocket watch: This gift denotes the passage of time.
  • Jem’s mended pants: This act of...

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