What is the difference between Aeneas, Achilles and Odysseus?

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Aeneas, Achilles and Odysseus are heroes mentioned in Homer's epic poem The Iliad. It is the story of the ten year Trojan War and the eventual fall of the city of Troy.

Aeneas, a Trojan warrior allied with with his cousin Hector, the great Trojan prince, is only mentioned sparingly in the tale. At one point he briefly fights the Greek warrior Achilles, but, since that warrior is virtually invulnerable, Aeneas is saved from the fight by the god Poseidon.

Aeneas appears again as the main hero in the Roman poet Virgil's epic The Aeneid . After escaping the crumbling walls of Troy when that city is conquered by the Greek invaders (who used the famed Trojan horse to gain entrance), Aeneas sets sail for Italy, where it has been foretold by the oracles that he...

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