My Side of the Mountain

by Jean George
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What's a short summary of the middle of My Side of the Mountain?

Expert Answers

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A short summary of the middle section of My Side of the Mountain would include Sam Gribley’s settling in to his new environment, making an adult human friend, training his bird, and learning how to survive from the available resources. The novel has twenty-two chapters, so the middle section can be considered to encompass chapters 7 or 8 through 14 or 15.

Sam has identified his family’s property and sets about learning his way around the area. He now understands that he will have to apply himself to creating a viable settlement. His baby falcon, which he named Frightful, grows and becomes somewhat domesticated, but its role is more as a companion in the boy’s hunting adventures. His other animal companions are a weasel and a raccoon.

While Sam is getting used to living apart from other people, he gets to know a professor visiting the area, whom he nicknames Bando based on his first, erroneous impression that the man is a bandit. He will later prove one of Sam’s closest friends.

Another aspect of the mountain’s reality that Sam comes to terms with is the presence of hunters who often trespass or hunt out of season. Because many of their activities are illegal, he feels justified in taking animals, such as deer, that they have shot. These animals provide clothing as well as food as he learns how to process the raw materials.

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