What is Rupi Kaur’s book milk and honey about?

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milk and honey is Canadian poet and artist Rupi Kaur’s bestselling debut collection of poetry. The poems in milk and honey are largely about healing from abuse, trauma, and heartbreak from the point of view of a female speaker. In the book’s first section, “The Hurting,” the speaker focuses on the sexual abuse she endured as a child. Recognizing that many other women in her family have been subjected to similar experiences, she reflects on the lasting effects this abuse has had on her life and her sense of self. In the next section, “The Loving,” the speaker focuses on her adult relationships with men, which are complicated by her history of abuse. The speaker describes falling in love with one man in particular and the healing she experiences through their relationship. The third section, “The Breaking,” recounts the speaker’s breakup with the man introduced in “The Loving.” The speaker is heartbroken in this section, but she also begins to speak out against men’s sexist treatment of women. The final section of milk and honey, “The Healing,” shows Kaur’s speaker moving on to find healing, strength, and empowerment in herself and her friendships with other women.

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