milk and honey by Rupi Kaur

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What is Rupi Kaur’s book milk and honey about?

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milk and honey is Canadian poet and artist Rupi Kaur’s bestselling debut collection of poetry. The poems in milk and honey are largely about healing from abuse, trauma, and heartbreak from the point of view of a female speaker. In the book’s first section, “The Hurting,” the speaker focuses on the sexual abuse she endured as a child. Recognizing that many other women in her family have been subjected to similar experiences, she reflects on the lasting effects this abuse has had on her life and her sense of self. In the next section, “The Loving,” the speaker focuses on her adult relationships with men, which are complicated by her history of abuse. The speaker describes falling in love with one man in particular and the healing she experiences through their relationship. The third section, “The Breaking,” recounts the speaker’s breakup with the man introduced in “The Loving.” The speaker is heartbroken in this section, but she also begins to speak out against men’s sexist treatment of women. The final section of milk and honey, “The Healing,” shows Kaur’s speaker moving on to find healing, strength, and empowerment in herself and her friendships with other women.

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marisalally | Student

Rupi Kaur's book milk and honey is a reflection on identity, immigration, womanhood, and trauma, among other themes.

Kaur popularized a straightforward style of poetry that some call "Instapoetry," characterized by its concise nature and often its display alongside a simplistic pen drawing. It milk and honey, readers will find a collection of such poems, organized into four chapters - the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing.

Throughout the collection, Kaur offers concise poems that reflect upon the narrator's challenging history of abuse with her father, her relationship with her body, her sexual and romantic exploration, and her views on societal oppression and discrimination from the narrator's point of view.

Although the collection is not a novel with a traditional plot, the organization of the poems in distinct chapters offers an organization of theme. More specifically, the hurting focuses on trauma, the loving on romantic and sexual exploration, the breaking on heartbreak and relationships, and the loving on relationship with self and reflections on society.

juliareynolds | Student

milk and honey was written by Canadian poet Rupi Kaur with her best-selling poetry. Some of the themes throughout the collection are about love, trauma, loss, healing, and much more. Her poetry speaks to women of all ages throughout the world and speaks about femininity and going through tough trials of life that are sometimes not popular to talk about. Some of these poems are thought provoking and make you uncomfortable at certain points. As the reader, you realize you can relate to some of the topics she talks about and feelings that can go on in someones' head. On page 142 she says, "i can't tell if it's healing or destroying me". This quote reminds us all nobody is perfect at this life, and sometimes we are unsure. She has simple ink drawings on the pages with her poems, and most of the poems are fairly short and with no capitalization. It brings a level of comfort because it feels like a simple diary of a girl "just like us". This collection gives women a voice they were searching for, and a place to feel apart of since this book can relate to so many women. This progressive and forward-thinking book brings women together to empower them and remind them they are strong and never alone. 

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