What Is Runescape, and how does it relate to Ender's Game?

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Runescape is considered one of a growing number of MMORPG's (massively multi-player online role playing game). This one is set in medieval times, and players control their character, as well as their own goals and objectives. The play of the game includes skills training, interaction with other players in social as well as combat scenarios, exploration, building, and mind-body activities.

The closest thing in Ender's Game that this game compares to is The Mind Game that the students play in Battle School. Though the audience only sees Ender's experience in The Mind Game, it is suggested by the beginning of chapter teacher dialogues that The Mind Game is different for every student.

While some challenges include combat type battles, others are simple puzzles to solve. The setting of The Mind Game is very much a "choose your own adventure" type of setting, and though Ender always finds himself following the same path to the same place, we have to assume that he could choose another route and explore other adventures within the game.

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