What are the rules that the boys make up?

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In the novel "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, the author shows us a group of marooned boys who have just left an ordered world governed by rules and regulations. On the tropical island there will be no spoilsport rules to ruin their fun and freedom - or so they think, because pretty soon they realize they need some. Grasping for wisdom and self-preservation they invent rules for fresh water,a rota for buiding shelters and more hygeinic toilet facilities. They also try to have a rule for democratic speech by using a conch shell to command listening and respect. They also decide they need a fire to act as a beacon and people should take turns to help. Sadly, not many boys do try.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the beginning of the story The Lord of the Flies the boys try and establish some kind of order to maintain civilized behavior.  The first rule established is about the conch shell.  The rule is that whoever holds the shell is the speaker and everyone else should be quiet and listen.  The next rule the children set into place is to determine a person in charge and they voe for Ralph.  Ralph then goes on to establish different positions such as the hunters.  He appoints Jack's group as the hunters and they will provide food.  Another rule is that the fire will be kept going.

It should be noted that as the boys begin to draw towards Jack's side, the rules change and many fall away.  The fire goes out, the shell is destroyed, and Civilization breaks down.

darkpheonix | Student

The boys rules at the beginning of the novel (chap. 2) are that

           -only the boy holding the conch can speak

           -a hunting army is necessary for the "hunt"

           -a fire (beacon) must be lit at all times

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