In Lord of the Flies, what are the rules in Ralph’s- and Jack’s - empire? How do you would describe their goal?

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danylyshen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ralph's "Appolloian" empire (but oh how it wanes near the end) is representative of reason, intellectualism, control, and ultimately, of rescue from the island. Ralph's goals are to build shelter, remain safe as a cohesive group, and everything should work toward rescue off of the island. Ralph wants all of the boys organized and helping to build and maintain shelter and especially to build and maintain a signal fire. Ralph's rules would be for the older to look after the younger and that everyone have a job or a turn at maintaining fire watch and doing things for the tribe.

Jack's empire is one of Dionysian excess, spirit, the hunt, the kill, and the attainment of meat. Jack's goal is to hunt, to kill, to provide meat and fire for his tribe. His tribe likes the thrill of the hunt, the mystical and barbaric feast-fire and ultimately of instinct and survival of the fittest. Jack's rules would include the adoption of a warrior persona, face paint, participation in the hunt and the celebratory warrior dance after, and the absolute obedience of Jack and his unspoken general, Roger.

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