What rules does Jonas's society have to follow?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is an extensive list of rules that citizens must obey in order to avoid being released from Jonas's community. Throughout the novel, Jonas is cognizant of these rules at all times, and the anonymous voice over the loudspeaker announces to the citizens when someone has broken a rule. The following is a list of a few of the utopian society's rules throughout the novel The Giver:

  1. Pilots flying fighter jets cannot fly over the community, or they will be released.
  2. Each member of the family must share their dreams with each other every day. 
  3. Citizens are not allowed to hoard food and must eat their meals in designated areas. 
  4. After experiencing puberty, citizens must take pills to suppress the "Stirrings" each day.
  5. Citizens are limited to working in their assigned occupations. 
  6. Citizens are prevented from having independent relationships with each other. 
  7. Nobody is allowed to leave the community unless they are given specific clearance by the Committee of Elders. 
  8. Fighting and lying are prohibited in the community. 
  9. Family units must remain intact with two parents and two children of opposite genders. 
  10. Bikes must be parked neatly in the bikeports and not left lying on the ground. 
  11. Citizens are prohibited from using inflammatory or contradictory language throughout the community.
  12. Each person must complete a certain number of volunteer hours before age 12.
  13. Depending on their age group, citizens must wear assigned outfits and adopt prescribed hairstyles. 
  14. Citizens must attend annual ceremonies.
  15. A person is not allowed to see another person naked. If you do, you have to apologize.